Four Biggest Soundcloud Mistakes Artists Commit

SoundCloud is a highly innovative platform for aspiring musicians and artists to present their music to the world. The main aim of such artists when uploading their tracks on this platform is to gain more number of SoundCloud followers and many of them even buy followers using professionals websites like Generally, beginners tend to commit some mistakes on this platform. Discussed below are some of the biggest mistakes that artists commit on SoundCloud.

Using Improper Track Tags

It’s important that artists use a proper track tag so that listeners can find the music easily. However, many new users are not aware of this and tend to use improper tags, which is one of the biggest mistakes they commit. Remember that every mix or song that’s uploaded on SoundCloud gets classified on the basis of its track tags. These tags are clickable and used when searching for music using the search bar. Experts recommend using minimum five tags related to the project genre.

Failing to Add Personal Website and Social Media Links

Here’s another grave mistake that can prove very expensive. If you fail to add social media link to your profile, someone who wants to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page may not be able to do so. Ensure to link all your social media profile and add your personal website to your SoundCloud profile.
Uploading Everything That You Create

If you are not satisfied with your mix or track, don’t upload it. If it’s private, then there’s no issue uploading, but doing so for public view can harm your image. Ensure to publish the tracks only if you are fully satisfied with the end results and give your audience your best productions.

Using URLs That Are Not Consistent with Other Platforms

Your Soundcloud profile extension should be identical to those on your other social media platforms. For instance, if you are using, then you should be using the same extension (/rockband) on SoundCloud too. You have an option to edit this under Basic Profile settings > Account Settings

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you go a long way in gaining more followers. If you want to buy SoundCloud followers, reviews by people who have already bought can help you make a decision.

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